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Ann Austin, Head of Sustainability, Bovis Lend Lease

John and Sam are the most delightful consultants to work with. They are honest, fun, collaborative and open to interfering clients.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with them. They are real about what they teach, they are not cashing in on some fad - and it shows.  They have a depth of knowledge and genuine care that comes across clearly to audiences.

They facilitated 45 one-day programs to kick off a very comprehensive sustainability program in my organisation.  They helped me get people thinking, so that now we can follow up with technical information that has a context.

Sam and John have a gentle facilitation style that lets the group reach their own conclusions without preaching, bullying or excessive motivation - ultimately a more sustainable approach. They also take great care to note the response of the groups and key people passionate about the topic - this has been a great resource for me.

Sarah Hatcher, former Head of Sustainability, Microsoft Australia

Samantha and John developed and delivered not only a first-rate sustainability education workshop for our staff, but more significantly helped to sow the seeds of a deep change of thinking with regards the environment and our place in it, as individuals and as a corporation. From this important beginning, a core group of ‘change agents’ emerged within our ranks to help create and drive the sustainability programs in the organisation. I don’t believe this could have happened without the fundamental shift in our world view that Sam and John were able to artfully elicit.

Tim McGarry – Creative Director, Monkey Baa & SAMAG Committee member (Sydney Arts Management Advisory Group)

I worked with Sam and John on developing a seminar for Arts Managers and Arts Practitioners.

Working with Sam and John was not only an inspiring experience but an enlightening one too!

This was my first foray into working with Sustainability Consultants and their knowledge and expertise in delivering this knowledge was superb. The facilitation of the group, with all participants having vastly varied knowledge about Climate Change, was perfectly pitched with just the right ingredients of fact, anecdotes and humour. The Seminar was not only a steep learning curve but an enjoyable one too.

The objective of our seminar Greening the Arts, was to engage, educate and hopefully shift perspectives...and this was achieved in abundance...we look forward to Part 2!

Ann Austin
Sarah Hatcher
Tim McGarry

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