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Sustainability Programs
Sustainability Programs Sustainability Drivers

The aim of the first phase of an effective Sustainability Program is to raise awareness, and inspire and encourage individual and collective action.

We begin by guiding organisations towards understanding the current impact that their operations are having on the Planet and the risks to their business from the Global Ecological Crisis.

We then work with your team to translate aspiration, information and determination into sustainability practices, harnessing available in-house resources and structures (eg structured skills development processes, KPIs, green teams etc).

Depending on your organisation’s specific requirements, some elements of your Sustainability Programs may include:

Introduction of a model for organisational sustainability focusing on the three key components: economic, social and environmental sustainability.
Global and local context for sustainable practices. The current state of the planet is presented simply and clearly in terms of the scientific evidence and the current debate, plus the challenges it presents to organisations and communities.
Systems thinking, how the planet works, the effects of current human activity, and the interconnectedness of all the major issues, above and beyond climate change.
An introduction to the root causes of the current environmental crisis. The limitations of the dominant Western ‘world view’ and how it has created and perpetuates environmentally destructive patterns and behaviours.
Participant involvement in interactive group exercises, to help them understand and experience the ‘new world view’ required to create sustainable organisational practices.
Examination of the world’s best practice case studies that illustrate inspiring examples of new sustainability solutions that companies are pioneering
Specific modules on Energy, Water, Waste, Food, Transport and Consumption including case studies on the leading innovations in these fields.
Skills development and transfer, so employees can take part in creating sustainability strategies for the organisation, while developing personal identification with and buy-in to existing strategies.
Values Assessments to establish baseline measurements that permit monitoring and evaluation of changes in staff engagement with sustainability issues.


The format of our programs is flexible to suit specific requirements. We offer:

two-hour executive briefings;
on site information sessions for employees;
half, one or two day workshops for all level of employee;
more advanced workshops for ‘green teams’;
special events, talks and presentations for larger groups.

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Sustainable Programs

Sustainable Programs

Sustainable Programs

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