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Our Phil;osophy
Sound, carefully considered philosophical foundations, based on years of hands-on experience as well as extensive research, underpin Stormlight’s educational approach and sustainability programs

Sustainability is really about the long-term viability of the human race on Planet Earth. A tremendous shift in our collective behaviour is required in the next forty years if we are to avoid the most serious consequences of human caused environmental degradation and climate change.
While the challenges facing us are significant and daunting, they need not be overwhelming. Our individual and collective actions will make the difference and it is by consciously focusing our efforts that success is achieved.
True sustainability takes social and economic aspects into account as well as environmental issues.
The mindset that created our current environmental problems cannot solve them. We need to foster a shift in perspective or worldview about our human-nature relationship as a necessary element of any transformational Sustainability Program.
In transforming and expanding our worldviews to better reflect a sustainable human-nature relationship, an IQ (intellectual) approach needs to be combined with Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for lasting effect.
In confronting the difficult issues in the Global Environmental Crisis (of which climate change is only a part), a ‘no blame’ approach is the best way to avoid unnecessary polarisation of opinion and controversy and to focus all available energy on the most important task: finding collaborative and effective solutions.
Sustainability Programs can be used to build community and social capital amongst staff: engaging and empowering them by demonstrating that the work they do can make a tangible difference to their world as well as their organisation.
Understanding the science relating to climate change is an important background to understanding sustainability. It provides a meaningful context in which employees can see where their actions fit and equips them with a common language, which fosters meaningful discussion.
Because inspiration and successful examples are much better motivators than fear or threat, we demonstrate effective sustainability behaviours from similar industries, as well as from the broader society, to inspire creativity and positive action.
Your staff members are in the best position to know the organisation and its culture, which means they are in the best position to create the solutions. Once they understand the sustainability perspective, they can apply it in every corner of the company.


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