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This is the singular, pre-packaged program we have decided to offer in addition to our own customised workshops as we have found it to be an extraordinarily well designed and well researched offering – the best in the market place.

Influencer® training program is offered by the Australian Licensee SevenSeventeen (ABN: 65 141 457 258), in association with Stormlight, on behalf of the international training group, VitalSmarts.™ It is a two day training that goes directly to the heart of most chronic problems: the ability to get ourselves and others to change behaviour.

Vital Smarts

While we’re choosing to use the program specifically for organizations wanting to influence for sustainability, it is equally applicable for addressing issues of improving on-time, on-budget delivery of projects, building accountability within teams, gaining 100% compliance with safety or quality policies, dramatically reducing medical errors and so on. Wherever chronic problems exist that persist for years and resist our best attempts at solutions, the common cause is a lack of influence on behaviour.

In looking for one theory of influence that could be applied to all facets of human behaviour, Vital Smarts undertook a global search for scholars and practitioners who had solved problems on a national and international scale by creating sustainable change. They scoured 17,000 books and articles by the best researchers of the past 50 years. Finding the crème-de-la-crème of change agents and theorists who had not only created change where others had failed, but who had documented it through rigorous, replicable research, they turned these people’s common principles into the program we now offer as Influencer.


Influencer is a video-based, trainer-led, highly interactive two-day course. It gives a solid grounding in the methods for making change inevitable, and participants walk away with their own influence strategy for tackling a specific problem they’re currently working with.

Download a summary of the Influencer Model
Watch a 2 minute introduction to Influencer by the Vital Smarts people
Watch a humorous 6 minute kids version of the Influencer Model

Influencer Training Dates – register interest:   August 18 & 19

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